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B1 - B11 | 60 Minutes | Multiple choices | 50 Questions

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A 6 years old boy. He comes to the hospital with ingest peanut. Afterthat, he has cough and difficult breathing. What is the most common site of foreign body obstruction?

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People usually urinate less at bedtime, even if they drink half a liter of water before bed. Which hormone is effect?

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During an operation of perforated gastric ulcer a surgeon found profuse bleeding in omental bursa due to leakage of gastric juice in posterior abdominal wall which artery is most likely to be damaged from this condition?

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A 10 years old boy undergoes surgical PDA. Consider structure injury which followed higher risk injury?

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A 65 years old male came to the hospital with dyspnea on exertion. Physical examination shows BT 37 C PR 80 /min RR 22/min BP 170/80 mmHg. O2 sat RA 95% Heart : systolic murmur at aortic valve area CXR reveals torturous aortic with mild cardiomegaly. What is cause of wide pulse pressure?

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A 35 years old woman was diagnosed with RA. She has been taking high dose prednisolone for 6 months then stopped without tapering dose. Which lab finding is most likely?

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A 30 years old man has swallowing difficulty for 6 months. Esophageal manometry shown aperistalsis at lower esophageal sphincter and incomplete LES relaxation. Which of the following structure is defected?

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A 20 years old man presents with pain in the Rt shoulder and inability to initiate abduction. Which of the following muscle or tendon is involved?

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A 15 years old man comes to hospital with gunshot wound at popliteal fossa. Which structure is defect?

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A newborn baby is diagnosed with Digeorge’s syndrome, which is characterized by congenital thymic aplasia due to pharyngeal arch development abnormality. Apart from thymus gland, which structures may also be absent in this baby?

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A 2 year old presents with wet umbilical since birth. The umbilical fluid is confirmed as urine. What is the structural attaching with umbilicus?

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A newborn baby, preterm 28 weeks. After delivery, he is developed respiratory distress. CXR shows bilateral ground glass appearance infiltration. Which structure is underdeveloped?

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A 50 years old man, heavy smoker. He has chronic dyspnea with barrel shape chest. What respiratory parameter will be found with him?

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A woman presents with amennorrhea, loss of hair and galactorrhea. She has history of postpartum hemorrhage. What is pathological change?

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A 30 years old woman represents with dysphagia. Barium swallowing shows narrowing at the distal end of esophagus. Manometer shows failure of relaxation of lower sphincter during swallowing, failure of peristalsis in body of esophagus. Which of the following is the most likely diagnosis?

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A 45 years old man presents at ER after having a motorcycle accident. PE : Rt foot drop but normal eversion. X-ray shows fracture of both tibia and fibula. Which of the following nerve is most likely to be injured?

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A 25 years old man faints after walking for long distances in a sunny day. What hormone will be decreasing?

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A 50 years old woman presents with diabetes mellitus. Urinalysis shows glucose 2+, ketone bodies trace, specific gravity 1.010. Her blood glucose is 350 mg/dL. Her blood pressure is in normal range. What mechanism is responsible for her glycosuria?

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A 25 years old male runner has resting heart rate at 80/min. After short period running, heart rate increase to 110/min. Which cardiac cycle is most decreased?

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Regarding cardiac examination in a 55 years old woman. Which of the following finding indicates abnormality?

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A 30 years old woman presents with fatique, weight loss and day time sleepiness for 6 months. She also has painless diffused nodules. Lab shows low TSH with raised T3, T4 and anti-TSH antibody positive. What is the most likely diagnosis?

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A 35 years old woman was diagnosed Grave’s disease. Which drug is used to lower HR?

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A 60 years old man has resection of upper small bowel done for carcinoma of ampulla of Vater. Which of the following substances will be increased?

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Microscopic section of cirrhotic liver shows abundant fibrotic change within liver parenchyma. Which liver cell is responsible for this finding?

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A 20 years old college student just has a 200 metres sprint event with force inspiration appearance. Which of the following muscles is responsible for his appearance?

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A 45 years old woman is admitted to the hospital with lower abdominal pain and pelvic discomfort. Pelvic examination reveals moderate uterine prolapse. Which of the following structures is involved in this condition?

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A 35 years old woman has a sudden, severe headache for 30 minutes prior to admission. Her lumbar puncture reveals red CSF through three consecutive tubes. What is the most likely cause of this finding?

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A 50 years old man is given drug X orally at dose of 30 mg/kg. Plasma drug concentration at the 12th hour is half of that at the 7th What is the drug’s half life?

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A 60 years old man present with non-relevant speech. PE : fluent speech, motor aphasia. MRI reveals lacunar infarction. Which structure is an abnormality?

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A 60 years old man has epigastric pain, diagnosed with gastric ulcer. Has been taking NSAIDs for back pain for many years. Which enzyme is inhibited?

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A 25 years old man who received a bone marrow transplant has developed progressive dyspnea for 3 weeks. He also has fever and cough. His body temperature is 38 C. His CXR shows bilateral interstitial infiltration and the bronchioalveolar lavage reveals enlarged cell with prominent intranuclear inclusions. What is the most likely etiology?

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15 mins after fast running of a young man, glycolytic metabolite occur. What organ that can generate ATP form by glycolytic metabolite?

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A 70 years old man has episode of syncope. BT 37 C PR 80/min RR 22/min BP 130/90 mmHg. PE : Apical 5th ICS anterior axis, SEM at 2nd ICS RUPSB. What is diagnosis?

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Fine needle aspiration biopsy of the thyroid nodule shows follicular cell with ground glassy nuclei with nuclear groove and inclusion. What is diagnosis?

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A 35 years old female presented with diarrhea and occasional cramping. EGD is unremarkable. IBS is suspected. What is the medication of choice?

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The histology of an ovarian tissue shows some atretic follicles with many corpus albicans but no developing follicles or corpus luteum. Which of the following is the most likely to have an ovary with this microscopic finding?

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A 30 years old woman presents with secondary amenorrhea for 3 months. LFT and serum prolactin level are normal. UPT is negative. Thyroid function test is normal. Progesterone withdrawal test shows no bleeding. Which of the following is the most likely pathophysiology?

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A 10 years old girl has headache, puffy eyelids and bilateral leg edema for 2 days. Two weeks ago, she had sore throat and fever relieved by consuming over the counter drug. PE : BP 140/80 mmHg UA : Protein 2+, RBC 5-10/HPF, red cell cast 1-2/LPF. Which of the following condition is most compatible with the clinical presentation?

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A 20 years old female, 46XY, no menstruation, blind vaginal pouch, no uterus, no adnexa, present female external genitalia with sexual hair. What is diagnosis?

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A 30 years old woman has left breast lump for 2 months. Breast biopsy reveals invasive ductal carcinoma. Which of the following is the most worse prognosis?

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A 20 years old pregnant woman comes with pruritic vulva and vaginal discharge. Per vaginal exam reveals normal vaginal mucosa, thick homonymous white discharge and cervical erosions. Regarding wet smear of the discharge, what is the most likely finding?

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A man is diagnosed with benign prostatic hyperplasia, the doctor prescribe finasteride. Which of the following is inhibited by this drug?

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A 25 years old male eats seafood. He comes to the hospital with watery diarrhea and fatique. PE : BT 37 C PR 120/min RR 24/min BP 90/60 mmHg HEENT : dehydration Heart : normal S1S2 no murmur Lung Clear. He receives ORS and then his clinical is improve. What is mechanism of ORS?

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A 25 years old woman underwent a total thyroidectomy due to large goiter. After the surgery, she develops numbness and tetany of all extremities. Which of the following is the most appropriate treatment?

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A 10 month years old comes to the hospital with tachypnea, poor to feeding. PE : continuous murmur at 2nd Lt intercostal space MCL, no cyanosis. CXR shows left ventricular hypertrophy. What is the most likely congenital abnormalities?

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A 50 years old woman comes to the hospital with dyspnea. PE : BT 37 C, RR 26 /min, PR 100 /min. Diagnosis as acute asthma attack. What is the most appropriate for resolve this status?

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A taxi driver sleepy while driving and dry mouth after 2 days of taking medication for allergic rhinitis. Which of the following drug is most likely to be involved in this adverse effect?

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A 60 years old man presents with chest pain, fatique and shortness of breath. EKG shows acute myocardial infarction at anterior and septal of left ventricle. Which of the following arteries is mostly occluded?

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A 65 years old man presents with severe chest pain, dyspnea and tachycardia. His blood test shows elevated CK-MB and troponin-T. His EKG shows ST elevation. Which of the following medications is the most appropriate treatment?

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A 70 years old presents complains about runny nose. He has history of chronic hypertension and constipation. Which drug is the most appropriate?